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  1. Is the Train coming soon?

    And frogs would like to fly, but they have no wings, and the game has no train.
  2. Item Drop on Death Change

    Well, there's gonna be a few PVP centric servers, and crafters/players will gravitate to the safer servers. But we all know, PVPers don't really want a challenge, they want prey, so they'll head over to where the people trying to play are and PK them, then come to the forums and brag like they made some great accomplishment. Yes, we know this will happen...it happens in every game. But I guess the good part is, after all the players are driven from the game, the PVPers will have to actually fight each other. That will blow for New Fromtier's bottom line, because PVPers are not the people who usually fund the majority of the game. PVPers don't want skill boosts, more money, deeds, etc.
  3. Item Drop on Death Change

    The only people this will hurt are those actually playing the game and new people. The PKers will just carry a weapon and small amount of ammo. They'll pot up in safe zone, and go PKing.
  4. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    you must be an idiot ...YES, YES REALLY.... if they took your level down to 22, and didnt reset your quests, like they did my account, down to 44 from 83., then you would struggle to make it up. I'm at 55 now, and almost all my quests that "work" are done. And thats using the 50% bonus from the season, and a 50% bonus from a TN purchase. So if you dont know what you're talking about, stop commenting on it and blowing smoke up peoples asses.
  5. Base Protection Change

    Then taking someone else' property like stream miner gold/crops/trap etc, or destroying property in general, should mark you as a criminal.
  6. Exploit - Explosive Ammo

    Guess this is like the skill point roll back ..oh well, too bad you actually played the game with something the devs put in it. But hey, now we'll call it an "exploit" and punish you for actually playing the game.
  7. Base Protection Change

    Speaking of buildings, are the houses built within the new safe zone of Vainbank and Brockton safe from evildoers ? I realize the people within them are, because it is the safe zone still.
  8. PATCH 6.14.19 - Information and be prepared !

    Did I miss it? It's Monday now and "weekend" is over.