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  1. Clothes Missing

    Still missing clothing. I have some stuff returned but not all. Still missing 90% of bandannas i paid for. I paid for this stuff that is missing from my inventory. If you need a specific list, I can give you it
  2. Clothes Missing

    Hello. A good portion of my clothes are locked up. From shoes to the hat and everything in between has been effected. Its happened before but I still had one of my outfits i could live with. Now that one out fit is gone too. I had all my favorite outfits once a upon a time. 4 to chose from. But my clothes keep getting locked up. I spent TN on my clothes a long time ago. I dont want to have to do that again. Is there a fix. I mean i was just on the other day. And my whole out fit has changed since then. I spent TN on my clothes a long time ago. When it was a chance that you might get what you want from what was in that bag. I struggled to get those clothes i had lol. A lot of pissed of moments from not getting what i wanted. Wasting money all my longer bandana's are basically gone. even the masks are gone from my storage. multiple pairs of shoes are locked up im just looking through it now my gun belts
  3. Switching Between N.F. & M.5.

    thats the word im looking for Launcher.. thank you We cant get back to the Launcher from the game. If we change our mind. I have to fully exit the game and reload.
  4. Switching Between N.F. & M.5.

    Hello. When I enter the battle royale Magnificent 5. It seems like I have to fully exit the game to get into the mmorpg New Frontier servers. Is there an option/setting i'm missing to allow me to switch platforms sort of say. Thank you
  5. Fixed about me page. Waiting/hoping for game to get good and populated.

  6. Nice profile pictures man 

  7. Hey everyone, feel free to message me. 

  8. congrats Star risk