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  1. Help us to make the game better!

    Release private servers people paid for, so the people waiting can build a community around your game, help populate a current community with a private server of your game That would be the most ideal for solution for me.
  2. Community Servers Release Update

    Hello I was just wondering if an update was available for the community servers to be released. Thank You. Hope to hear from you soon.

    My building i used a land deed for is gone. Also spent treasure notes on more building supplies. Thats what i lost. lucky i took a picture of it Seemed like it was bugged for a couple days. The info on the banner wouldnt show up so I could upkeep it. Kind of strange. just disappointed that i lost a land deed and lots of treasure notes. server 26 but its no longer there, sad days
  4. Screenshots of your home

  5. Renting servers

    "Allow owner and his "crew" to build anywhere" Can you explain this further? and if you can answer 2 specific questions please. 1. Will the crew still be able to have fun and shoot each other? 2. Will there be a limit for each crew member on how many plots they can build?
  6. Cyber Origins - New Frontier Tutorial - Ep. 1

    Does anyone have any other ideas for a tutorial ?
  7. Renting servers

    yah i have my own community that has multiple gaming servers. Some of us are waiting for the private server release. Also working on a partnership with another community for guaranteed 100% popular server.
  8. Renting servers

    My worry is the land deed. I feel like every private server should offer a new player a land deed that can be used only in that server. Would that be possible.
  9. Cyber Origins - New Frontier Tutorial - Ep. 1

    Hey noodles. Good name lol yah its a gaming community thats been around for a while hosting counter strike custom mod servers. Its been re-branded recently and is now moving into newer game servers. We are currently hosting 4 games some games with multiple mods. Come visit us at Were waiting to get a New Frontier server to make it 5 games. I think some time in the summer it will be ready. Depends on New Frontier.
  10. Cyber Origins - New Frontier Tutorial - Ep. 1

    Thank you so much
  11. Interactive New Frontier Map

    do you know when it will be completed.
  12. Screenshots of your home

    i like that one,
  13. Cyber Origins - New Frontier Tutorial - Ep. 1

    I think the next tutorial will be an in dept look into crafting. Any other ideas?