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  1. what is this?

    ah fuck me, u are right....
  2. what is this?

    Okay, cool. But is there and issue with buying skill points from store with TN? i bought 2x 25 but i can't see them??? I have tried restarting the game. nothing
  3. what is this?

    how about all the cosmetic and season pass??? its just all gone. my skill points is at 1 and every skill is at 0. The thing is, i dont care about what lvl i am, i just want the stuff i earned and grinded.
  4. what is this?

    Hey @Sheriff Billy. you can abort it. im done waiting... can't belive this is taking so long for them.. Hope game will work out, but the team need to help the people who play their game alot more with stuff like this. sadly waste of money me now. Peace.
  5. what is this?

    @Sheriff Billy is this an off topic or are people investergating this case???
  6. what is this?

    @Sheriff Billy any news?
  7. what is this?

    i dont care. just want this clear soon...
  8. So my account was delted, because of some payment it said. i was lvl 28, had a hard owned seasonpass i bought from rewards ingame. after long waiting, IM ABLE TO LOGIN AND PLAY! but wait! Theres more: MY ACCOUNT IS DELETED. I should be able to get my xp back of some sort? and my season pass???? Also, bought the game in the early days, so all earned cosmetics are gone aswell. gg Im getting tired and sad.... @Sheriff Billy @Frontier Admin
  9. Patch 8.07.19 Changelog

    i just want my account opened again... @Sheriff Billy @Frontier Admin

    IF u read what i said last.. it would help you understand
  11. good shit its..... august
  12. they closed my account and i supported the game in the earlie days... soooo... gl getting your stuff