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  1. Need help with leveling up

    Try it with crafting shotgun slug ammo Most people are on Discord. If you ask your questions there, you will get a answer more quickly.
  2. Character name used

    Good luck with that.

    Yes, they know. Still no information about a second season. Billy told us that the devs going to bring M5 and the Zombie version online. Main game maybe finished? Who knows?
  4. Map locations 100?

  5. Coolest Building so far

    Yes, realy nice. Good work.
  6. Is the Train coming soon?

    Just an artwork. I dont think, that it will come.
  7. Thanks to technical support!!!

    Computer games are serious business
  8. Is the Train coming soon?

    LOL, dream on. Its just an artwork. Have nothing to do with the game.
  9. Stagecoach Cabin Change

    You have to craft the fuel out of oil. Check your crafting page. You can find oil at the oil towers (1-2 oil barrel at each tower - if there no barrel, you have to wait for the spawn). There are two oil towers ingame. One at Ghostcrag Farm (East of Devilbrook station) and one at area Goldenbranch (just follow the dead end streed on the map) east of Brockton Station. Frabric you have to craft too. I addet a map which will help you a lot. Crafting materials also can drop inside the baloon, but this is random. For the stagecoach cabins: you dont realy need them (except you need additional safe areas, teleporting or for the achivement). There are 6 train stations. And you need to ride many miles, because you will need the horse XP (100 XP for your horse for each ridden mile) to upgrade your horse. Trust me, you want to upgrade your horse one day. Btw. The horse upgrade points and the research pionts are not resettable. Once used, you can not get them back. Use them wise. Ask if you have further questions.
  10. Map locations 100?

    99 and stoped searching.
  11. Town Capture - New Event!

    aye, blue team is crap. Your statement too.
  12. Town Capture - New Event!

    i can confirm, that this is wrong. I got two times the great and absulutely overpowered CT Equalizer. I have the collector edition and the season pass.
  13. Stagecoach Cabin Change

    You dont have to redo it. The changes effects newer players. My cabins are still unlocked.