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Found 3 results


    I was wondering if the developers are aware Season 1 has concluded, and if they have any future plans with regards to communications specifically here on the official forum?
  2. --------- "There was a problem downloading from CDN server, Check that you have a working internet connection and you are not behind a proxy or firewall " ------------------------ if you hhave this problem today please reply or add to this post so they see it ….. especially if you have checked and decided that 1. you have a working internet connection 2. you are not behind a proxy AND 3. your firewall is off or you allowed new frontier thru the firewall BUT! it gives you the above error
  3. Patchnotes?

    Would be nice to see some Patchnotes. Only to see whats happening and whats getting fixed to not fall for the same bug twice. @Frontier Admin Thanks.