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Patch 8.07.19 Changelog

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  • Fixed a problem with the Building Starter Packages where you got 10x more resources than you should.
  • Fixed a bug in the Marketplace where you got 10x the amount of building components by purchasing the Build Packages.
  • Fixed the missing NPC names in Vainbank.
  • Fixed a problem where the player wasn't able to pick up a weapon after dropping it.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't pick open a crate aligned with a building wall
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Shotgun upgrade window
  • Fixed a bug where weekly missions weren't counted correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in Tutorial 6
  • Fixed a bug where  a player could crash when starting the game
  • Fixed an issue where items couldn't be picked up
  • Fixed a bug where the destruction animation wouldn't play when destroying a block
  • Fixed a problem related to season pass rewards
  • Fixed an issue where a player would get stuck in the last mission step
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to exchange certain items with vendors
  • Fixed a bug related to skin dropping


  • Changes to the food/water bar. From now on it will decrease faster, taking 100 minutes until it's completely empty.
  • From now on you can buy the Survivalist Map from the Doctor and not from the General Store anymore.
  • Output format of screenshots is now JPEG.
  • Changed a step in Tutorial Mission 5 where you had to place a Campfire but then needed a Cooking Rack to do the last step. Now you may cook the meat directly at the Campfire.
  • From now on you will get bandit status as soon you hit another player's building. Robbing their chests will grant you the highest bandit rank.
  • We are going to change how the bank in Vainbank is robbed as it was too easy overall:
    • Doors in the Bank require now level 2 and 3 of Nimble Fingers to open.
    • Doors also have more resistance now.
    • Safes got moved to the middle of the room.
  • We have done some changes to the Safe Locker Event:
    • Chance to get a Gold Bar got lowered.
    • Locks are harder to crack.
  • We have made a change on Tutorial Mission 10 where you had to wait for a Vendor to finish it. From now on you instead talk to Luke Willis in Vainbank.
  • We have increased the radius of animal detection of the Hunting Map. You will now find Bears for sure. We recommend you to go close to the middle of the world and use the map. Keep in mind that the vision of the animals will still go away after time again.
  • After purchasing some packages on the Marketplace the popup with information would disappear too quick. This is now fixed.
  • Base Build Changes:
    • We changed the start protection of your base from 20 days to 3 days to lower the number of buildings per server which also will increase overall performance.
    • You will also get a separate pop up as soon as you've placed your Land Deed that informs you about the 3-day protection.


  • Added a sound upon dropping something from your inventory
  • A bar has been added to the shops that allows you to buy larger quantities at once.

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How about adding a feature to Craft in BULK? it would greatly increase the effectiveness of crafting and also retain more players, because i have had friends quit this game because of that, some of them stayed because they liked it and hopes it would change, and some just gave up on it

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Same message for me "there was a problem downloading from cdn server" ...work well yesterday :(  Please help us !

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