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Sheriff Billy

Patch 8.26.19 Changelog

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  • Fixed the description of Tutorial 2 where Vainbank was misspelled.
  • Fixed a problem where a player was not able to move their Land Deed out of their Mailbox into the Inventory.
  • Fixed a problem where you would get an Eggplant after placing a Potato Garden.
  • Fixed some mistakes in the description of Daily Reward after interacting with Will Ferguson.
  • Added the missing train rails all over the map.
  • Fixed flowers in the world that were upside-down.
  • Fixed the name of Sugarcane Garden which was called Wheat Garden before.
  • Fixed the name of Agave Garden which was called Wheat Garden before.
  • Fixed some crashes related to the game servers.
  • Fixed stones in the world that were giving wood when mining them.
  • Fixed a delay while looting tombstones from dead people and containers.
  • Fixed a problem where the cosmetics were disappearing after you left the server and came back.
  • Fixed some crashes related to the client.
  • Fixed the error prompting not having a serial key when registering an account.
  • Fixed some problems that wouldn't let a player finish the missions.



  • Stanfield
    • Added loot inside buildings where it was missing before. For instance: the church.
    • Moved a barrel that was causing players to stuck inside a tent.
  • Weather Stations
    • Moved some loot places so they don't spawn under objects anymore.
  • Gracevale
    • Fixed a flying cliff where the players were able to go under the rocks.
  • Wryhill Fields
    • Fixed some flying objects at the farm.
  • Milroy Farm
    • Added some small rocks between the cliffs where the players would get stuck between the cliffs.
    • Fixed some flying rocks around the area.
  • Chesterwind
    • Fixed some flying cliffs around the lake.
  • Little Spur
    • Fixed some flying rocks around the hills.
  • Brockton
    • Fixed some flying rocks between Brockton and the next Station.
  • Westport
    • Removed a misplaced door that was inside another door.
  • Snow Peaks
    • Fixed a misplaced door that was inside another door.
  • Boulder Ridge
    • Removed some collision walls around the cliffs.
  • Stone Creek
    • Added loot in the missing places
  • Mission Updates (now they are more beginner-friendly):
    • The description of Collect Blackberry has been updated.
    • The description of Cook Opposum Ribs has been updated.
    • The description of Hunt Monsters has been updated.

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keep the game updated, good work guys , thank you for the good game, just keep going

and players will reward you.

Thank you 


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1 hour ago, amanas123 said:

Cool update, how can I get flax seeds?

(Monsters drop rare and common things. The one with 2 legs, is the one and only dropping as option: seeds. Once you get Flax seeds from them, make the recipe and plant it OUTSIDE. not inside your land plot, and it will dissapear aswell, when the server restarts, so... now or never!)

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