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I know this issue isn't easily resolved but I currently am having trouble getting to have any of my friends to play this game. the graphics are simply just to high requirements or the game over all is simply too high requirements to play, now huge open world MMO's like TERA have fantastic graphics system settings that you can play on high and ultra without melting your graphics cards.

my friends all have graphics cards like the GTX 1050 and gtx 980 and some lower budget AMD cards which struggle to even open the game and play on lowest graphics settings, 2GB video memory should be enough to handle an open world MMO and have no issues what so ever, I believe that the devs should look into this and does anyone else have issues with framerate drops or huge screen stutters?

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Well eventualy if their map designer was removing half the huge tree and remplacing them by medium/smaller tree that can have more efficient lod keeping some area clear and other dense they could earn a lot in perf, it would also make the map less repetitiv

I mean, just look gtaV country side, the tree are well dispatched over the map ( even thought a denser forest is lacking maybe but there is still mod xd), they're more detailled, and it look more realistic while better perf  (while their world is way more detailled and complex, have  life, wild life, navmesh etc ) and we can run it  in ultra easy even add ton of mod and still get good perf ( yeah i know they've better engine too but i wanna point the map conception about vegetation placement )

In this game it just look like the map designer noticed the world is empty and lack of interesting place so he just copy pasted the same huge tree, huge bush,  all over the map to hide that emptyness and give them wild wind reaction to make it " alive " xD

I would prefer way less tree with more variety and smarter placement, it would look better and be better for perf

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