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Patch 9.06.19 Changelog

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  • Fixed a bug which caused problems when canceling the queue in the Town Capture event.
  • Fixed problems with disconnecting after the round was over in the Town Capture event.
  • Fixed a problem where the players would not get their rewards when winning a round in the Town Capture event.
  • Fixed a problem where the players would lose their weapon upgrades after finishing a round of Town Capture.
  • Fixed a problem where you reached level 50 and didn't get the achievement and their rewards.
  • Fixed the Waiting for 0 players status in the Town Capture event.
  • Fixed a bug where teammates were able to kill and revive their teammates if they joined the Town Capture event with a Bandit buff.
  • Fixed a bug in the end screen of the Town Capture event where the screen was flickering.
  • Fixed a bug after you canceled the queue in the Town Capture and the text wouldn't disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not pick up Repeater Ammo in the Town Capture event.
  • Fixed a bug where the players were finishing a Mission while playing the Town Capture event and not obtaining the rewards for it.
  • Fixed a bug where items and weapons would disappear after dragging them from the Mailbox into the Vault.
  • Fixed a problem where weapons would stack and apply the non-upgraded statistics of the gun and player were losing their upgrades.
  • Fixed a bug where the players had a disconnect loading bar for too long after the Town Capture event.


  • Added a notification message that pops up as soon as you have something in your Mailbox.


  • We have made some changes to the Town Capture event:
    • From now on you won't bring your own weapon, you will get equipped with the MODEL 58 SUPER pistol.
      Keep in mind that you won't keep the weapons after the Town Capture has ended.
    • Capture Points have been changed from 200 to 500.
    • The Round Timer has been increased to 30 minutes (20 minutes before).



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apparently corrected :) I grab with laughter

today it is so an hour from my mailbox I could not drag a shotgun 87 plus 2 disappeared, you are just kidding.

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