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Censure ?

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Why yu guy delete few of my post ?

I understand yu didn't enjoy the irony/satyre feedback/suggestion in base building tuto, not the place and yu probably have 0 humor, no problem

But why also delete other post like the one about zombie mode (and m5) system ?

Too honest feedback/suggestion make yu afraid people agree ? or is it cause i don't say it in a asslicking way maybe ?

or may that cause yu're  unable to make thing in the way i suggest but then why not just admit it's not in your capacity or possible ?

Why just delete the post like that without warning for edit and make censure about what people want ?

Yu already ignore many suggestion/feedback of people and even sometime did the total opposite, now yu start censuring ? No need to think about how yu're losing yur player that fast ...

Yu take more time to delete the bot spam message that try to sell weird stuff to forum user than yu took to delete this suggestion/feedback lol

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