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Sheriff Billy

Patch 09.27.2019 Changelog

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  • Fixed the names of the Doctor, General Store and Saloon NPCs in Vainbank. There weren't any names before.
  • Fixed the interact text of the PICKUP MAIL PACKAGE IN A POST OFFICE mission which was showing the wrong text.
  • Fixed the interact text of the INVESTIGATE MYSTERIOUS STONES NEAR TOTEMS mission which was showing the wrong text.
  • Fixed the loot of the chests which are findable at the farms.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't drop Small and Large Nuggets and Gold Bars on death.
  • Fixed some mission descriptions where it said miles while using the distance in km.
  • Fixed a bug where you started bleeding right before the Town Capture event ended and you were still bleeding back in the main map.
  • Fixed a bug where some players were spawning outside of the map.
  • Fixed some bugs which were causing the game server to crash.


  • From now on you need to learn blueprints for weapons to be able to unlock them in your crafting list.
  • From now on Season Pass rewards are getting delivered to your Mailbox if your inventory is full.



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