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Sheriff Billy

Explanation about Land Deeds

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Hey everyone,

A lot of players are confused when it comes to Land Deeds.

To the story:

Back in the days, it was visible inside your character inventory but because the players were able to lose it, we decided to make it an "invisible" item.
What does that mean? That means as soon as you drag/move the Land Deed into your Character Inventory, it will become invisible. The only way to see it is by opening the place menu with P and there you have an overview at the bottom right.

I will explain it with some pictures to make it easier to understand.

1. You can get Land Deeds through the Mailbox by the support or the system in case you building decayed.


2. You can drag it inside your Vault, where it will still be visible.


3. If you drag it inside your Character Inventory, then it will be gone invisible and only visible through the place menu which you can open with P.


I hope that helps a bit to understand the Land Deed system. Keep in mind, if you building decay like your protection went out, then the Land Deed and Materials will get delivered to your Mailbox.


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