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Sheriff Billy

Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

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  • Fixed some flowers in the world which were rotated 90° and was causing them to fly.
  • Fixed a spawn at the Cabin which is next to Stanfield where you were able to get stuck inside the door after teleporting.
  • Fixed the respawn timer of the creature spawns.
  • Fixed a problem where the animals spawned in each other.
  • Fixed some UI problems which was caused by lock picking.
  • Fixed a server crash that was getting caused by dynamic objects.
  • Fixed a problem where the player was getting a freeze by moving too many items at once.
  • Fixed a bug where you were dropping a gun and could not pick it up anymore.
  • Fixed a problem where building parts went invisible over time.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not pick-up the loot anymore after opening a weapon chest and had a full inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where some slots in your Vault went "invisible" for the players and they thought they lost something.
    Please contact the support, the link is below if you have this issue.


  • Added more tutorial pop-ups.
  • Added now a limit of the stack size. If the limit is reached, it will create a new stack.
  • Creatures will come now for you! A new event will come soon. More information soon.


  • Lowered the chance of finding a Monster Skull in the abandoned farms.
  • Changed the description of the Going Fishing mission. Now it's more clear what you have to do and where you can obtain the steps.
  • Changed the description of the Find Monster Skull at the abandoned farm mission. Now it's more clear what you have to do and where you can obtain the skull.
  • The Doctor Bags do stack from now on.
  • Changed the loot of the purchasable Flares. Now the loot is different from the ones which are dropping randomly on the world. Keep in mind, with these changes, the price will also go higher.
  • Removed the flare from the Going Fishing mission rewards.
  • Improved the navigation system of the creatures when it comes to buildings and Land Deeds.
  • Barricades do damage to creatures from now on.
  • We improved the server performance and will improve the gameplay a lot when it comes to freezes and lags.


  • We know every one of you is waiting for the Season 02. We will bring more information soon about that.


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I think the game will be better to play after the changes you have made, I hope after the monster changes we will be able to get more seeds. Will we be able to get better guns out of the gun safes? I really enjoy playing this game and I look forward too more and better upgrades.

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I don't think many of us are waiting for season 2 to start.....at least I'm not. I don't know what your dev roadmap is but this game has to implement some basic functionality like we have said over and over.....
Either you have features in the game or not....
 - Vendor loyalty is still not fixed or working yet with no indication you even plan on using it
 - Still no way to queue multiple items in the crafting menu. Seriously? I don't have 3 hours to craft stone / steel / wood one by one by one, my mouse will use it's 5,000,000,000 clicks for it's lifetime and I will only craft 5 pieces of wood to make 1 damn wall!
- In game voice has a perimeter of what? How far away does voice go? Why isn't it server wide no matter where I am on the map? For now i just tell ppl to get on discord, it's much easier than to lose them after I go 10 feet in front of them and they can't hear me.
- No blueprints for the real items. I have yet to see a strong door, dynamite, long rifles, lamp post and other item blueprints anywhere. I'm beginning to think they don't exist.
- Base buildings are capped at 150 pieces but why? If we have a land deed it shouldn't have a cap on how much we can build on it. We should be able to use ALL the space within our lot, half the time I can't place foundations in spots for no reason besides the code is shit.
- Base building is still lacking a Flip when placing items down. My stairwell's can only go one way? Sure I can rotate it but I
can't flip it. Not to mention the doorways do not line up with 2 way stairwells.
- Base building items are too damn much.....50 metal for 1 foundation? 25 metal for a wall?
- Still no way to see who's in the server with you while your playing? Really?
- No way to add a server to GameTracker.com
- No way to create a permanent clan / team.
- All the locks for doors are pointless as they can be picked by anyone with 10 seconds to spare with no real penalty besides bandit status for what 2 minutes? Why don't the bandits show ingame on my compass? Why do I have to be in the map view mode to see them?
- Where did all the monsters go?
- No marketplace to sell our items to other players?
- Titanium alloy is too rare....I bought 2or3 alchemist packs so if u do the math that's either 10-15 items and I got titanium 1 damn time.

Honestly I don't know why I bother typing this shit out.....I just keep typing the same things over and over but you guys put up threads like " we need suggestions"....pfffft we give them to you but you don't implement anything. All the patch notes / updates are horse shit "fixing typo's" and "floating mesh's in the map" not making the CORE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE GAME YOUR PRIORITY TO GET FIXED! And now your making ANOTHER game mode that people won't play instead of fixing simple functions of the game that you continue to ignore.

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I have played this game for a long time and I have left it for lack of content, then I have returned and I see that they say they have solved many problems, but I see that nothing has been fixed yet, not even the most basic, it is not normal that a monster of 2.50 meters high attacks you and you can not hear any sound, there is no sound of attack or anything, this error comes in the game many many months and they want to make me believe that you work in the game, no I believe nothing of what they write in devblog just want our money but they don't work to really improve anything.

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I have also played this game for a long time, in fact I have played from the beginning, when it was Wild West Online, I tried my best to help with suggestions, positive and negative, I will call back now and again, to see how you guys are doing, but I doubt I will ever play it again, I am somewhat addicted to other western adventures, and having a fantastic time, have fun, enjoy, Pink.

ooPinkoo in the other game if you want to add me, have fun.

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Personatly i gave up when they erased people base but didn't want to fix  their  error after  3days cause lazyness and admin was like "why dafuk yu angry of loosing your base " ... ( pretty sure they use command to get materials and have no idea how much time it take to farm/craft xS  As yu  guys said the lack of  content begun  to stretch overtime and building is too greedy to be fun, i don't imagine with monster attacking the base how much hours it will cost to repair xD

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