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Sheriff Billy

State of the Game [2019-12-17] Magnificent 5

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Hey community,

Today we wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming changes and the development. In the upcoming weeks, we are planning to release 2 new spinoffs which are called: Magnificent 5 and New Frontier: Zombies. In this article, we will talk about the Magnificent 5.

You can find the DEV blog about New Frontier: Zombies right here NF: Zombies DEV blog

In Magnificent 5 you will be able to play with up to 4 friends, a total of 5 players per group, in a kind of Battle Royale held in a western style. You will be able to choose the position in the lobby and spawn together with your friends. The goal here is, since you spawn in without any weapons, to find weapons and survive until the end.
During this session there will be a circle closing in and watch out, you will take damage outside of the play-area. There is also a chance to find crates or event-safes which you can open with lockpicks and earn gold bars. Gold bars are there to unlock special features in this game mode.

Keep in mind, this game mode will be First-Person only.

First, you will see after starting the game, a different overview compared to New Frontier or New Frontier: Zombies.

After you have invited your friends into a group or you start the queue alone, that is up to you. As soon as you have found a server, everyone will be able to choose their spawn. Keep in mind, enemies also see you tagging your location on the map.

Once the match has started, you see the barrier on the minimap. The green line shows the safe area and the red part is the danger zone. The danger zone will be slowly moving towards the green line, so keep running. 

Which is also visible in your live map in the game.

Under that minimap, you can see the time before the next "spread" of the danger zone, how many players left (in blue) and how many kills you've got (yellow).

As soon as the timer runs out, it will show a bar about the movement of the barrier. From the yellow point to the green point. 

Keep in mind, being in the danger zone will impair your vision and deal damage over time.

The last team will win the match and earn rewards. Make sure, you try to loot dead bodies, because they could have looted Gold Bars which you can get for more rewards.
sadasda (1).jpg

After the match, you will get an overview from the round with statistics and rewards.


Now we hope everyone will enjoy and feedback is more than welcome!

//NF Team

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I thought we could wander the map, as a simple "outsider" (just like the old Wild West Online) :( But all right, the important thing is to get through the Old West.


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