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Chilli Palmer

Switching Between N.F. & M.5.

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Hello. When I enter the battle royale Magnificent 5. It seems like I have to fully exit the game to get into the mmorpg New Frontier servers. 

Is there an option/setting i'm missing to allow me to switch platforms sort of say.

Thank you

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2 hours ago, Sheriff Billy said:

They are 2 different games, which are just linked to the same launcher.

thats the word im looking for Launcher.. thank you

We cant get back to the Launcher from the game. If we change our mind.  I have to fully exit the game and reload. 

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yeah they make it in a way it totaly split all gamemode for unknow reason so force quit/restart instead of a queue you could join for M5 while playing New Frontier and so while we're waiting that there is enough player we could still play. So here you'll have quit new frontier ( and empty server a bit more on main game), restart the game, wait it restart, then wait other people to join while not playing i guess (last time i tested this M5 i've wait 1h for no game lul), and when game end you'll have to wait other player to finish cause not that much player left  and Battle Royal is a gamemode that mostly fail cause really poor gameplay ,  THey trully know how to make thing boring.  :((

at least if i've no problem with M5 being apart ( BR is really garbage to my eyes xS) there is the zombie mod that they failed in conception too

the zombie mod gonna be split gamemode from what i read, so restart for changing game mode too, inventory reset to encourage shopping i guess, you'll have to farm/craft again everything again, the greedyness of base building seems even worst, and the gameplay is gonna be an other game with just the same npc (zombie) and only 1 or 2 thing to do (farm and build / defend  base) as the main game is only alien and only 1 or 2 thing to do ( kill people to steal them nor their base like a toxic retard ( and i admit i've did it after some did it to me, but on the 3 base i stole, each time i was disgusted and feeling guilty of what i've done didn't got any satisfaction or fun xS ....) or build your base with horrible farming/crafting time and limitation and upkeep to be stolen by toxic player when admin don't destroy your base by " error " xD)

Meanwhile if zombie didn't ate some brain before gamemode launch , someone could have think about adding zombie to the main game to make it more complete, variated and interesting, in the way alien could infest 1/4 or 1/5 of the map that player would have to clear/scavenge/boss/etc, while their hive would produce larva that would transform human and animals into zombie slave on an other 1/4 or 2/5 of the map where player would have to clear/scavenge/rescue/protect while the rest of the map would be human owned and still alive ( and not totaly destroyed and dead like the actual map cause this plus the fact everyone try to play alone and avoid people for avoiding griefing make the game empty  and dead and boring -_-) human map part could propose mission about defending town and farm, clear mine for town miner ( providing ore as quest reward) , protect lumberjack while they chop tree ( and then npc would reward mission with wood and gold)etc etc etc there is many possibilty you could even add a contested area where player would have to focus pvp for a fort/bastion or ressource producer etc and in this way we could get all gamemode in one complete game and satisfy everyone and every taste

But nope, splited gamemode, splited server, splited people between server that try to get the least player possible to stay safe and not waste their time farming/crafting for toxic thief or get a chance to earn event drop that are the only way to upgrade your base almost ( goldbar being never droped anymore in bank or like 10% of time ), splited people between hardly toxic and boring griefer that have simple brain that can handle empty PVP for years and people that want a true game with content like npc and pve gamemode with eventualy some PVP Event like in any true mmo with content that offer to join PVP QUEUE with different minigamemode, but nope, we got an other BR gamemode cause it's the most interesting and less boring gamemode ever made it seems ( i guess it must be easier than true game to do) and it's logic to split the game more anyway isn't ? ...

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