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Sheriff Billy

Patch 01.13.2020 Changelog

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  • Fixed a Mission where you had to find a farm, but it couldn't be found. 
  • Fixed some bear locations where the respawn timer was not correct.
  • Fixed a crash that was related to the German language. This happened when you were looking up the Adventure info in german.
  • Fixed a bug where finishing all weekly goals wouldn't count.
  • Fixed a problem where players' cosmetics wouldn't show on the menu. 
  • Fixed a problem if you bought an Adventure and bought the 25 tier level the reward would disappear right after logging.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the tier level 1 was showing behind the Adventure icon on the menu.
  • Fixed the achievement called Farmer, where you have to harvest gardens.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not counting as completed after you finished all 5 goals in Week 1 of an Adventure.
  • Fixed an error of the empty garden model.
  • Fixed the model of Red Peggie. There was a random face on her leg (colored tattoos weren't invented yet). 


  • Added Tokens to the random Balloons as findable. They do not come automatically anymore.
  • Increased the rewards of the Mission GUBBERRIES from 2 to 10 Crafting Tools.
  • Changed some translations in the Portuguese language.


  • We have added a new feature when it comes to notify if you got robbed means you will get a message from now on if someone cracked your door or your chests.


  • We finally got accepted on Twitch, which means we are able now to bring more features through the platform. The first part was adding a Box-Art which we did already.
    More information coming soon!



  • Fixed the achievement where you had to discover 15 places.
  • Fixed a misplaced road in the south-east of the map.



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