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Hi guys, I have a few questions for you.

1) Is the game dead? Will it be updated and maintained, undergo any changes?

2) The bartender's casino does not work

3) Very few daily tasks, BORING

4) Where to find the recipe for dynamite, acid components, nitro grenade, and molotov ? VERY DIFFICULT, constantly picking up airdrops

5) How to increase loyalty at the arms dealer? Merchants have no assignments for this! they don’t want to buy anything, Add tasks to merchants to increase loyalty and increase reputation

6) Why are houses being repaired automatically? NOT BALANCE, how to raid a stone? Take away the change of walls in real time, there should be one choice during construction

7) Where are my airdrop tokens? I found a lot, but can't track them

8) Where to find the skin of a mountain lion? Animal trap? HELL FUCKING  NO

9) How to use treasure map ? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IN THE GAME ... fucking pice of shit tron maps ? WHERE I FIND THIS ? 

Add more tasks and achievements, the game quickly becomes boring


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