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Some suggestions/ideas

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Not sure if this was something that was necessary but I believe all three game modes should be of one title in steam.  So when you launch new frontier into the game similar to when game has the modes campaign, co-OP and multiplayer in the. Just incorporate it into the game that's already there if possible. Some kind of protection in the town capture event for spawns, I stopped playing it altogether not because everyone has rifles and I started with a pistol but because they were climbing up to high points or coming directly into the spawn and one shoting me and my team anytime we spawned. Another suggestion is community events in servers like "gold rush" players have to collect a certain amount of gold as a community for everyone to earn something or a reward for whomever collects the most just little things to bring more interaction between players rn its just people killing each other either by luck (running up on someone) or in a cheeky way like putting your base on the edge of the saze zone and luring people in *cough shadowtech... also some variety to slaughtered towns like rare creatures. Different organs lol anything really they all relatively looks and feel the same and most train stations/post office like that are empty but have creatures.  Basically creatures where there no loot but just a big bloody mess in towns with no creatures it's certainly cool the first time and your like wow what happened but not much more besides that. Maybe a half dead guy gives you a quest with his last breath to hunt down a gang of mercenaries or for a monster idea some hell hounds. Last suggestion a small adventure for new players to get familiar with the game before jumping into online maybe give them a little bit of resources and an outfit. Maybe that's how you unlock your trusty steed either way thank you for taking the time to read this really enjoying the game and sorry this is so lengthy!

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Hey there,

First of all thanks for taking your time and writing this feedback.

I can't really say that much because of multiple games on steam but it gives more options to bring players to the actual game if you have more titles.
The problem in the Town Capture event with climbing up somewhere to spawn kill has been fixed with the latest update and if they find a new spot, then this one will get blocked as well. Some post offices are overtaken by the creatures and there is actually a mission that is linked to these places.
About your last point, you mean kind of starter items? They could be possible. We thought after finishing the Tutorial missions, you have already a lot of stuff which were the rewards of them.

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